Its the LawEdit

The Super Human registration Act was a legislative bill passed on to Gielinor, which requried all superhumans to be registered by the government. This was to be mandatory, and enforced. Their names would be given to the government, and would work officially under government regulations.

The Beginnning Edit

In the early 2010's, when evo's were still arising, the U.E.M.S.L.D had wanted to form a plan to contain these superhumans incase it out of hand. Or atleast have control of powerful beings in order to be used for good and aid them in combat against a possible global threat. This was how originally The Infinity Heroes initiative was formed. The founding members were given the job officially as a hero, and were covered by the government and all was well. 

However, more and more evo's and incidents started coming up. Powerful evo's such as Sylar, then supers who caused immense amounts of damage in Gielinor such as the Blood syndacate, Khronos, etc. The U.E.M.S.L.D has counters for this, such as having James Dewolff in the Falador City Police Deparment, and Yue, a spartan to combat these threats. 

But then came the alien invasion of Dovox, which destroyed an entire city, the Battle of Varrock, thanks to Dylan, etc. 

The U.E.M.S.L.D and Gielinor's government believed that in order to prevent mass casualties, and infanstructure, it would be a good idea to registrate all those with abilities, and confine their names to only the government. In return they'd offer official super hero jobs, and maintain surveillance on all in order to prevent another incident.

This got the support of the likes of Ace Drechsel, due to his personal encounters with evo's and being powerless. As well as Jun Arrior, King of Karamja, as a city in Karamja was devastated because of a fight between Jesse and the Infinity Heroes.

Infinity Heroes ClashEdit

There was one side that was pro government, and anti government.

Pro GovernmentEdit

  • Led by Ace Drechsel
  • Jun Arrior
  • Mauro Rex
  • Pumpkin Kid

Anti GovernmentEdit

  • Led by Harrison Goron
  • James Dewolff
  • Lewis
  • 445
  • Skull Kripper

The teams fought all through out Gielinor, but ultimately the anti government side "won" as Harrison beat Ace in combat. After, that half of the team were named criminals and dissapeared.