The First Superhero TeamEdit

The caped crusaders formed early chapter 2 by a man named Aglovale Smitte or Wonder Knight.

Team Members:Edit

The Leader: Aglovale Smitte, he plans tactics to infiltrate bases or make decisions. He has no powers but wears a durable suit of armor and he himself is close to peak human condition. He has several weapons too. In very dangerous situations he is very stubborn and won't retreat.

Co Leader/Advisor: Seth Vishop, he is a super that gained Black Mamba physiology. He often makes better decisions than Aglovale, but Seth isn't as good of a combatant as Aglovale.

Recruit: Calder Tudor, he can manipulate water. He is often unsure of his power, and struggles to use it, that is why he joined Aglovale's team, so he could learn how to control it and put it to good use.

Recruit: Sam Noil possesses lion physiology. He is the strongman of the team. He is usually quiet, and doesn't like strangers.

They are looking for at least 2 more members (3 at max).

Pre Chapter 1, they were active up until chapter 5. Sam and Seth went their own seperate ways, while Calder continued to focus on his studies, leaving Aglovale to do the vigilante work.

The Infinity Heroes: Heroes Forever.Edit

A team united by the U.E.M.S.L.D to combat all types of threats that the U.E.M.S.L.D can't contain, calling in Earth's strongest heroes. After the events of chapter 5, the team disbanded for unknown reasons. Ace and Pumpkin Kid are still the most active Infinity Heroes, but haven't seen action as there hasn't been any global threats. Should the team be called, Ace has given each member a card that activates when called. Ace also has reserve members.

Team Members: Edit

Ace Drechsel: The leader of the team, and smarts. 

Harrison Goron:

Skull Kripper:




Pumpkin Kid:

Ways to be qualified for the team.Edit

  • You character has to have a special skill set and extremely good at it.
  • Your character must be good/ or leaning towards good.

This is the icly ways to be qualified.

Ooc ways:

  • user must have been in the role-play for a sufficient amount of time.