King of the JungleEdit

In a visit to the zoo, he entered a lion exhibit, thinking it was the petting zoo. A lion slowly crept up to him, giving a low growl. Sam looked at it, but his initial reaction wasn't to be terrified (unlike most people), but he felt calm. The lion came closer, and Sam could Smell its foul meat scented breath. The lion began purring, as it shoved its massive body against him. Sam stumbles back, and he began to pet the the lion. Soon people watched, amazed. Sam left, many people asked him questions, Sam simply answered that he was a former lion tamer. He later got offered a job to the lion exhibit, he accepted it, obviosly not wanting his previous low paying job.

Sam later met Aglovale and Calder, they were stopping a speeding carriage, Sam helped pulling out the man. His lion instinct disperesed in to his boy, and Sam nearly killed the man but was stopped by Aglovale and Calder. They are helping him control his wild side, and make sure he uses his powers for good.

Character HistoryEdit

Chapter 2: Not much of Sam is mentioned in this chapter, except that he is the superhero roster. He was kidnapped by Nathan's troops.


Lion Physiology: He attained several abilities through this power, being the following:

Lion teeth: He has sharp teeth, they can bite through wood, and easily tear apart human flesh.

Retractable Claws: He has 4 inch claws on all of his fingers, he can easily rip apart human flesh, and cut through wood, and metal(with given time).

Super Human Strength: He can lift 10 tons in his normal state, if he is agitated, it increases to 15 tons.

Super Human Speed:  He can run up to 50mph and dodge gun fire.

Super Human reflexes: His reflexes are great, which compliment his speed and agility to the most.

Super Human Durability: His durability is better for blunt trauma, since small gunfire can pierce his skin.

Super Senses: His sense of smell is greater than his sight and hearing(which are still pretty good), they allow him to smell prey(criminals), and fear(and other emotions).

Super Human Endurance: His stamina is great, which allows him to fight for hours without tiring.

Super Human Healing: Not as great as Claires, but he could heal from cuts and bruises within 1-3 days, broken bones in 1-2 weeks.