An idea contributed by the Roleplay members.

Omnipotent Beings(supreme)Edit

Omnipotent beings are capable of reaching anything that is possible, and have extremely high cosmic powers, or omni powers.

Semi Omni Potent(Ultimante)Edit

Semi Omnipotent Beings are capable of reaching many things, but have some restriction. They have high leveled cosmic powers, or can warp reality to a superb level.

  • Very Few Forerunners

Low Omni Potent(Legendary)Edit

Low leveled omni potent beings can warp reality to a great level, can have great cosmic powers, that allows them to reach a variety of things.

  • Most Forerunners

Super HighEdit

These beings still have cosmic powers, or can change reality to reach things.

Very HighEdit

These beings have little cosmic power or little reality warping abilities. However, they can still do damadge. Or they can have powers that are at high levels.

Quite HighEdit

These beings usually posses no or the smallest amount of cosmic and reality warping abilities. They can posses a variety of powers, and have some/most, or all mastered powers.

  • Haliopt Deburu
  • Negative Sylar


These beings possses only traces of reality or cosmic powers. They posses a variety of abilities and are quite skilled at them, and are known for their strength.

  • Jesse
  • Mason Ward
  • Mauro Rex
  • Ethan Gala
  • Sylar


These beings posses great power, and could or are world heroes/villains. They posses abilities that are powerful and good at them.

  • Harrison Goron
  • Ace Drechsel
  • Brutus John Oswald
  • Dylan Rex
  • Jason(Iron Hornet)
  • Giga Skull

Low(street levelers)Edit

These beings often posses great power, just because they are in the low scale doesn't mean that they are completely useless. The best street leveler could handle a medium, and could potentially even handle a high(limited time of course).

  • Oliver Gussman
  • Victor Phantom
  • Aglovale