Some characters have the same powers, here is a "chart" thats shows which characters are more adept with their powers than others. It goes from top to bottom.


Sylar: Sylar's TK is near mastered, he is currently the strongest telekinetic in the roleplay.

Mason: When Mason gets TK he is able to throw cars with hand gestures, handle multiple people/objects with little discomfort. He was shown to hold up a office building with lots of strain.

Viola: Viola's TK is great enough to throw a person, manipulate a couple objects at the same time and slow down a car. It has grown recently, because of her Inuitive Aptitude, it allows her to cut through solid bone.

Super SpeedEdit

Haliopt: Haliopt can reach speeds enough to disapere and mimic teleporting. He utilizes this in combat to catch other speedsters especially. Spencer: Besides his deadly Kukri skills, he can run up to 800mph.

Jesse: Despites Jesse's size he may run up to 500mph and more if he gets angry.

Skull: Skull runs up to 100mph.


Whew... this will be a lot I think.



Jesse: His strength is really high and can raise to infinite levels when angered.

Derek: When turned in to a dragon his strength increaes vastly and increases when angered.

Dresh: He can lift up to 170 tons.

Dylan: In his mech suit he can lift up to 150 tons.

Alan: Alan can lift up to 90 tons.