The last saved picture of Louis as a normal human being.

"Louis Vitale" is played by Dm885_Newt. He is characterized by his doll-like structure, his psychotic mindset, and his knack for human experimentation. Currently, he owns an underground laboratory in Varrock. Here, he works on humans - brutally torturing and surgically altering them to break away their minds and turn them into special "pets". He takes great pride in their creations, and is known for trying to lure people into his lair through friendly measures. Before losing his mind as a result of a breakdown, he was a normal human being, however, his psychopathy was still very much alive.

Background & Character Edit

Louis Vitale was born on December 12, 1977 with psychopathy and schizophrenia. Throughout his childhood, he found it extremely hard to make friends, and was constantly causing trouble. On various occasions, he would beat up his playmates. Once, he was caught forcing sand into a child's mouth at a playground. Time and time again, he was beaten, grounded and sentenced to time-out. His parents were rather traditional, and didn't really believe in "mental disorders." They blamed it on pure brattiness and misbehavior. This type of thinking shunned all forms of niceness and love towards Louis. At one point, they left him at an orphanage because they couldn't contain his outbursts anymore.

While at the orphanage, Louis underwent counciling and was prescribed various medications to stabilize his mental condition. He was discovered to be a schizophrenic by one of the orphanage's maintenance staff, who caught him talking to majestic butterflies in his bunk. They would order him to hit himself and shove foreign objects into the bodies of fellow students. Thanks to the medication and behavioral management, Louis was able to interact with people his age. By the age of eleven, he was adopted by a man named Charles Darwin. Unfortunately, Charles has, on more than one occasion, done obscene things to children. His crimes, however, have never been caught. Louis fell under the same predicament as Charles's other victims. Day after day, he was beaten and raped. Each night, he was locked into dark closets. The only meals he would receive would consist of rice and apples. If it weren't for his violent screams, he would've ended up dead.

One day, a neighbor caught site of the heavy beatings, prompting him to dial the police. Within hours, Charles was arrested, and Louis was shipped off to a hospital.

The child was in no good condition. Louis had completely lost his mind, and suffered from extreme post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. While his injuries were being treated, psychologists were working with him to "rebuild" his mind back into stability. Despite all their efforts, Louis still felt a great emptiness within his soul. By the age of thirteen, he had ran away from the hospital. Nearly eight hours later, he was found in front of a grocery store's parking lot without any clothing on.

It took Louis five years before he could be released from the hospital. At the age of eighteen, he was taken under the apprenticeship of a wizard who had been working at the hospital at the time. This wizard was a trained surgeon and knew a lot about string-based magic and shapeshifting. She had noticed Louis's great potential and thirst for knowledge. In turn, she had invited him to stay with her at Gielenor's School of Magic (located at the wizard's tower) to undergo an apprenticeship program. Here, he learned about string-type magic, which allowed him to generate "strings" from any part of his body. A simple ability, it took him only two years to master it. From there, he was taught about human psychology and anatomy. Graduating from this school by the age of twenty-three, he came out a certified surgeon and wizard. That was when he came across a hidden scroll within his master's desk.


Louis has been converted into an insane doll.

This scroll contained a magical seal within it. It had the ability to convert its wielder into a magically fortified doll of metal-porcelain alloy and wood. It would also grant the latter immunity to to pain, fire, a large arsenal of installed mechanical weaponry and the ability to dismantle and individually manipulate one's own body parts separately. Little did he know that his very own master was planning on using the scroll on himself to kill the grandmaster of the school and take up his position. With that being said, Louis had taken the scroll and suddenly disappeared from existence. His master had seen that his scroll was stolen after the sudden occurrence, prompting him to start a full-scale search for Louis. Her efforts had failed.

Meanwhile, Louis, who had already converted himself into a doll, resided in Varrock. The mechanical enhancements of his new doll physiology allowed him to propel himself through the air and travel from city to city within minutes. It was a great power indeed, however, the scroll required him to trade something valuable to him for the ability, and to him, this special something was his sanity. Here, he had caught sight of a gang member walking into an underground facility. Without any thought, he broke into the place and utterly destroyed its members. Currently, he is holding some hostage - all which had been surgically altered into special "pets." These creatures have been tortured so much as humans, to the point that their minds had broken down - leaving them opted to programming. Louis would program them to utter only one word - each being words that made him aroused. They were also programmed to be like robots; his pets had to follow each and every one of his commands.

Louis is now thirty-seven years old, and has converted the gang's hideout into his very own laboratory.

Abilities Edit

Doll Physiology Edit

Louis's new clay-steel body, which has been reinforced by magic, is now immune to pain, aging, is resistant to fires between 1,500-2,500 degrees fahrenheit, electricity, and when broken, can magically reconstruct itself up to five times[1]. It also has a slight healing factor, to shake off any excess burns. Depending on the severity of the burn, it can take days, or even weeks, to fully recuperate. After his body has been fully destroyed, it cannot reconstruct itself, and its inhabiting soul will permanently flee from the body. Aside from this, the puppet-body spell requires of the wielder a living body part or organ, for flesh is what contains life. In this case, Louis's life force lays within his stomach. If one were to damage his stomach, the puppet-body spell would wear off, and his body would become completely lifeless[2]. Aside from this, Louis's doll physiology gives him a unique array of abilities. Amongst these is above average human strength.

Surgery Edit

Pets Edit

Louis is a trained surgeon, and experiments on live human beings as a hobby. He tortures them (as humans) to the point that their minds break away, leaving them open to programming. Normally, he programs them to utter only a single word - each which invigorate him. His surgeries leave his victims in extreme pain. They are also programmed to follow his every command, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Each of his pets have special abilities, and can be summoned into battle through Louis's teleportation device.

References Edit

  1. Weakness #1; Can only reconstruct five times.
  2. Weakness #2; Stomach is a vital spot.