A tribute to my first character I roleplayed as.


Jonathan was born with werewolfism, in school he was often a school athlete, often competing with a super known as Paul Bank. Jonathan beat him once in a race. To Paul's anger he decided to get revenge. Jonathan and his parents were in his car driving home. Soon a crocodilian like creature attacked the car. It swerved to the right, crashing in to the dense forest. His parents were dead, Jonathan was hurt, but no so much due to his enhanced durability. Jonathan escaped the carriage, and the crocodilian creature was heading towards him. Jonathan turned in to a werewolf, attacking the crocodilian. They fought, the monster was victorious, leaving Jonathan with nasty wounds. The crocodilian creature left. 

Jonathan was so traumatized, he spent his time living in the woods, often robbing people in the highway for clothes. Jonathan was known as the wolf of the woods.

Character History.Edit

Chapter 1: In late chapter 1, Ace had an encounter with him. Ace was in trouble, and Skull stepped in. They defeated the werewolf. Ace decided to help him later on because Ace believed the werewolves actions were not driven by evil, but he was needy.

Chapter 2: Jonathan now has a home, thanks to Ace. Jonathan now owes Ace, and will help him if needed.

Chapter 6: Jonathan has stuck to staying in Varrock, however he constantly patrols the woods surrounding the city against poachers or ill hunters/ evil monsters.

Powers and Skills.Edit

Super Human Strength: He can lift up to 2 tons in his werewolf form, and half a ton in his normal form.

Super Human Speed:  He can run 40 mph, in human form he can run 25 mph.

Super Human Durability: His durability is greater than any human, he can withstand falls, blunt trauma, and some stab attacks, in his human form this is decreased.

Super Human senses: All of his senses are greater than any human.

Super Human Agility: His agility is great enough to dodge small gun fire at point blank, and clear obsticles easily than most proffesional parkourist.

Fangs: In Werewolf form, he gains sharp teeth that can tear through flesh easily.

Claws: He bears 2 inch claws that can cut through wood(depending on its thickness).

Like most werewolfs, his weakness is silver, wolfbanes dagger. He can get killed by anything that surpasses his durability