Hawk as seen with his cape covering him neck down

Hawk File Edit

Real Name: James Clavell

Occupation: Vigilante

Based in: Unknown

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Black

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Weight: 210 lbs

Skills: Genius-level intelligence, Master detective, Master escapologist, Peak human physical condition, Master martial artist, Access to high tech equipment


James Clavell with one of the many women he has flirted with.

Personality: Dark, brooding, extremely paranoid and emotionally and physically detached from friendship, believing that it compromises the mission. As James Clavell, he is a multimillionaire, irresponsible and a big flirt.

Abilities: Indomnitable Will, Intimidation, Expert Inquisitor ( Interrogation),Near peak human conditioning, multilingual and Polymath.

Power Grid
Intelligence: 6

Strength: 3

Speed: 2 1/2

Durability: 2

Energy Projection: 1

Fighting Skill: 7 ( By human standards)